La Tour Hassan Hotel 5* Luxe

26, Rue Chellah., Hassan, 10000 Rabat, Morocco
Standard room Price/night: 2,200 MAD
Luxe room Price/night: 2,800 MAD
Breakfast included
Taxes : 40

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Rabat Hotel 5*

21 Avenue Chellah | Quartier HASSAN, Rabat 10020, Morocco
Single room Price/night: 1 150 MAD
Breakfast included
Taxes : 40

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Golden Tulip Farah Hotel : 5*

Rue Sidi Makhlouf, Rabat 10000, Maroc
Single room Price/night: 1 200 MAD
Breakfast included
Taxes : 40

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Diwan Galery Hotel 4*

Place de l'Unité Africaine, Rabat, Morocco
Single room Price/night: 1 450 MAD
Breakfast included
Taxes : 19,80

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chellah rabat

Do not miss it. Take time to visit this magnificent site and stroll the aisles.


kasbah des oudayas

A wonderful walk. Take the narrow streets and admire the architecture of the houses. Enjoy the gardens and drink mint tea in terrace while admiring the view of the walls of Salé

Hassan Tower

Although the minaret of Hassan is under renovation at the moment, the visit is necessary because this place full of history is emblematic of the capital of Morocco.


Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Facing the Hassan Tower, the Mohammed V mausoleum is built of white Italian marble and topped by a pyramidal roof covered with green tiles, a symbol of royalty. Just wonderful !!!

RABAT.....The political and administrative center of the country

Rabat, Morocco's capital .It is located in the north of the country on the Atlantic coast, on the left shore of the Bouregreg river, facing the city of Salé..

Rabat is the great political and administrative center of the country, where the royal palace, government agencies and embassies are located.


RABAT.....The Capital

Rabat is one of the four Imperial capitals of Morocco (the other three are Marakech, Fes and Meknes). It is one of Morocco's nine UNESCO .

World Heritage Sites. In the video: Oudaia Kasbah, Hassan Tower, Mohammed V Mausoleum, Chellah Necropolis.



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73 % humidity


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